Practical Tarot: Phone Karma

Let’s talk about phones. My husband’s phone and bluetooth were stolen yesterday from his desk at work, after he went out to lunch and left his office door unlocked. Then ensued much chaos: looking for the phone at home and at work, locating the phone via GPS to determine it had been stolen, locking down the phone (Sprint can do that once they determine that it has been stolen), and then the great phone switcheroo and reprogramming marathon — I gave him my phone and switched my phone service to my daughter’s old phone (an old Palm Centro from 2008 that has better battery life than any of these newfangled phones…but that’s another story).

This experience has caused me to really reflect on phones. Phones don’t just carry signals, they carry — and convey — energy. That energy can be positive or negative, but all too often phone energy is negative. How often do we phone or text someone to remonstrate with them for being late? How often do we lie to people via phone or text (even little lies are negative energy)? How often do we react to a phone call with anxiety, so a ringing phone becomes a shot of adrenaline through our bodies? How often do we subject our bodies to the stress of multitasking as we try to talk on the phone while doing several other things? And how rare is it that a ringing phone turns out to be a wonderful surprise?

Phones are carriers for electromagnetic energy, and much of the universe is electromagnetic. For those of you who are sensitive to the energy in another person’s clothes or books or home, think of the energy in that person’s phone. It’s concentrated — because cell phones have become an extension of who we are.

So: I believe that phones themselves are sensitive to all this energy. And when phones start to give us grief — and this happens to my husband constantly, with dropped calls, texts that arrive 12 hours later, etc. — then, I think it’s a sign that the phone has picked up on the karma related to how you use the phone and whether that karma carries more stress or more soothing helpfulness.  When the phone has become more stressful than soothing, I think it’s time to bless the phone. Make it what it should be: a spiritual tool. My steps here come from the Corporate Flash Cards:

Repurpose -- Corporate Flash Cards
Repurpose, from the Corporate Flash Cards

1. Repurpose. Say to yourself that this phone is now going to be a spiritual tool — a force for good in the universe. Set your intention as such. Set your ethical compass as the same time, saying to the phone/to the universe: “May I never use this phone to lie. May I use this phone ethically at all times. May I use this phone to send love and positive, problem-solving energy out into the world to benefit all beings.” (Or words to that effect). You may want to repeat this blessing of your phone from time to time — maybe even daily. The idea is to bring your phone into your own vibrational alignment with wanting to live an ethical life and to do good things, help people, be a good wife/husband/mother/family member, or whatever you feel that your life mission(s) is.

If you’re into smuding, now would be a good time to smudge your phone, by passing your phone through the smoke from burning incense (even a burning cigarette will do — you don’t have to smoke it yourself to get the benefit of the smudging).

It would also be a fine time to draw or tape a spiritual symbol on your phone or to draw a reiki symbol in the air above your phone.

Right-Sized, Corporate Flash Cards
Right-Sized, from the Corporate Flash Cards

2. Rightsize your phone. I don’t mean that you should cut your phone in half. Rather, decide what your phone’s role in your life is to be. Rightsize the way you use your phone. And set it up accordingly. Choose ring tones/text sounds that support you, rather than rattle you. And more than that: decide when you will be answering your phone. Set up phone answering office hours. The corollary of this is that you also get built in times when you are not obligated to answer your phone — if you are running a business, simply let your clients know that your office hours are from XX to XX, and stick to that.

Multitask, Corporate Flash Cards
Multitask, from the Corporate Flash Cards

3. Decide what your multitasking policy is going to be — and stick to that. Studies tell us that it’s better for us not to multitask, that it’s not even physically possible to multitask, but I think most mothers know better. It is important to keep multitasking to a minimum, but the great advantage of phones is that they allow you to coordinate with other people when you are at a distance from them. Choose wisely how in touch you want to and need to be when you are doing something else. And, if possible, make your phone your ally when the activity you want to fit in is something to support you spiritually. For example, you can set up your phone to play a chime at a certain time to remind you to stop and meditate for a minute. Or you can set your calendar program to send you an inspirational text message containing an affirmation at a particular time of day.

Your phone doesn’t have to be part of the problem. It can be part of a spiritual solution.


  1. Love how u wrote phone karma and ideas given to the phone, its varied spiritual functions:) bad to hear your husband lost his handset and one of ma colleagues lost her digi card in BBM. I enjoyed this post


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