Flow With Change, Don’t Resist It — Surf the Wave

The Tower reversed, Samurai Tarot
The Tower reversed — from the Samurai Tarot


King of Pentacles reversed--Samurai Tarot
King of Pentacles, from the Samurai Tarot, represented by the monk Kukai

Most of us, in a sense, are like cats. We resist change. Good change, bad change…we are suspicious of it. But some changes are necessary, inevitable, and we just have to flow with them. If these changes are on the horizon (not quite here yet but on the way) and giving you ulcers and rashes and all sorts of other worry symptoms — try to let go with patience, like the monk Kukai shown on the King of Pentacles card here. Here we have a King of a suit that represents materiality and abundance, yet he’s walking along in nature, with a stick — not sitting on a throne surrounded by opulence. What does that tell you? Abundance lies in our walking of the path, not in things. If part of your resistance to change is worry about material things — try to somehow flow with it. Because the Tower card here, in the Samurai Tarot, represents fire — and what puts out fire so healing can begin? Water. Water. Water. Flow.

And while you’re at it, drink lots of water, too…that should get things flowing!

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