Remember Your Past Life as a Rock?

sunrise over the MatterhornIt always bothers me when people start thinking about their past lives with an assumption that they were human. Yes, we have probably had human past lives, but the number of lives we’ve had as humans must surely be dwarfed by our nonhuman lives — the many many incarnations we’ve had as insects, worms, trees, rocks, dirt.

Don’t you, when you walk through a forest, experience a feeling of nostalgia? Don’t you find that memories of having been a tree, of having been moss, of having been a rock lying in the path, come rushing in at you?

moon and venus over SwitzerlandSpending time in the mountains, don’t you remember having been a mountain? Holding a rock, don’t you remember having been a rock?

Here is my theory: that trees and rocks and dirt are far more highly realized that we are. That they have taken the long view. That we experience peace in nature in part because we are surrounded by beings who have made a place holy by being in an extended period of meditation for longer than we can even imagine living. These beings create their own cathedral, out of deep compassion, and it calls to something deep in us, something that recognizes a kindred spirit.

southwest at sunsetWhen we meditate as humans, can’t we then benefit immensely from visualizing our own past lives as trees and rocks? As beings that take the long view?


  1. Last night I dreamt I was a rock in the river and felt so vivid like I had really been a rock in a river in a past life. It was so peaceful and I enjoyed the water flowing through me and being part of nature. I wonder how does one evolve into human form and keep the inner peace of a rock? I wish I felt like a peaceful rock in my human life


    1. My recommendation would be 1) spending time in nature and 2) meditation. Maybe hold a rock in your hand while meditating? If you were a rock right now, how would that feel?


  2. OK, so I have a questions. It follows logically, that before there can be birth, there must be death. If reincarnation really exists, your past life would have to end first before the next one begins. Im other words, you would have to die 1st. So this makes sense for just about any living thing. But if you were once a non-living object- a rock, mountain, or dirt, how or when did one of your past human lives “become” that rock, dirt or mountain? How or when does a rock, mountain, or dirt end/die? How are they born? & being that these are non-living organisms that arent ever “born”, nor don’t have a brain, therefore, not have a concious or a memory, how would a rock “remember” anything? But as far as visualizing yourself as one of these objects for meditation purposes, than yes that makes more sense.

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    1. Hi Michael, I’m sorry to be slow in replying–for some reason I didn’t see this comment right away. This is a good question. And I don’t have a good answer! All I can say is, I don’t know how rock life spans work or how a rock would come to the end of its life. I just don’t know.


  3. I used to wonder what I’d like to come back as, and it always came down to wanting to be something that couldn’t be hurt, so in the end I figured a rock was a good idea. Even if a rock was smashed to pieces, I hoped it could not feel it happen, not feel pain, and that it could be broken without feeling any loss of self, because each of its pieces would endure, just a bit more seperated than before. I thought maybe a rock might be one of the only things that could still feel whole even when fragmented.

    Not the point of this post at all, I know, but interesting to think it could be a possibility to reincarnate as a rock. Though it sounds like that would be far far up the ladder. By then my soul would hopefully know how to let go of such need for security and safety and understand how to handle fear.

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