Literary Lenormand: Forecast for Brave New World

[Update to this post: I’ve decided to make this a regular feature…so watch this space for more book forecasts using the Lenormand!]

So, one of the techniques I’ve been trying, to learn Lenormand, is using my Lenormand deck to predict what will happen in books, movies, and t.v. shows. To that end, I did a Lenormand reading on my husband’s favorite book, Brave New World, which I had never read. Now, here’s the thing: I read him my prediction, which I logged in my Penzu journal on March 3, and his comment was “You are almost entirely totally wrong.” But now, having finished the book, I have to say that I see a lot of my predictions in it (a controlling government based on the employer-employee relationship, sex without commitment, a son who is taken somewhere, the book starting in an institutional setting, and even the hoses/tubes, which turned up in the first scene, etc.), though there are also some things here that didn’t pan out in the book. I’d love to hear comments from those of you who have read Brave New World! I’m pasting the spread and my Penzu journal notes (which are pretty rough; I wasn’t originally planning to publish them — and unfortunately the photo is a bit dim) from March 3 below.

Nine card forecast for Brave New World, from the Art Nouveau Oracle Lenormand
Nine card forecast for Brave New World, from the Art Nouveau Oracle Lenormand

The beginning: Perhaps the book begins in a tower or apartment, or in some institution, or on the road to that place. If so, the road might be twisty and turny (the snake). It’s not always clear what is around the next bend.

The Tower: a government with a lot of restrictions. Deceptive choices were made; politicians went down that road. The future of the government is clouded, there is a lot of worry and anxiety. Perhaps the government itself puts clouds in the way of people’s happiness.

The Crossroads: The book begins at a decisive point in time: a crossroads. Perhaps there has been a complication (snake) and a choice needs to be made. This problem involves things that may be hard to digest, or hard for people in general to digest. There might be hoses involved, or tubes of some sort. OR, a choice is made to protect the tricksters of the world, or to protect those who are sneaky and underhanded. Possibly to use money or institutional power to protect them, and maybe letting the foxes into the henhouse.

The Bear: money, resources, and protection are a central theme in the book. Also, loyalty, or love and loyalty. However, there is deception connected with love as well. The dog: friendship as well as love is being put to the test. Perhaps it is that loyalty is clouded by love, or that love is clouded by loyalty (to other things).

The Fox: finding sneaky ways to be loyal and to be a loving friend. Finding sneaky ways to be happy. Work-related ways. The employer-employee relationship is a subtheme. OR: there is a trap being laid at work, or at a police station. Just when everything seems to be working out happily, it turns out to be a trap.

Another subtheme: I see some sex in this book, though it might just be alluded to. The heart and the tower knighting each other. But the relationship is threatened, it’s not clear whether it will be possible for the lovers to be loyal to each other. Though they might have a son together. But if so, that son might be taken in and deceived by the book’s tricksters, just what the parents would have wanted to avoid.

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  1. I’ve never tried a spread (Tarot or otherwise!) for a book – I love the idea! I plan to implement this IMMEDIATELY!!! Thanks Bonnie 😀


    1. You’re welcome! I originally heard the idea on a Beyond Worlds podcast with Rana George — Rana suggested practicing with the Lenormand by doing readings to predict the endings of movies and t.v. shows — but if I do readings for books, I can take my time (if I am watching something with my family, they don’t necessarily have the patience to pause the movie while I do a reading…and they will say things like, “why do you want to do a reading? why don’t we just watch and see what happens?” etc).


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