Who cares about predicting the future? Not me!

High Priestess of Spirit, House of Night
The High Priestess of Spirit, from the House of Night cards

I don’t read tarot to find out the future.

The High Priestess, Universal Waite
The High Priestess, from the Universal Waite

Let me say that again.

I don’t read tarot to find out the future. Well, not usually. Not for myself, anyway.

Why not?

Well, I guess my attitude is, who cares about what’s going to happen in the future? We can always change that!

Because we can: the future is something we get to interact with and mix our labor with. Why on earth would you spend a lot of time worrying about it? Just act on it! Work to bring about your desired outcome. (Ask the tarot what you can do to bring about your desired outcome: that will be more productive than asking what will happen. Or, ask the tarot what you can’t do; that can be very interesting too.)

The past, on the other hand, interests me very much. And the past you can delve into and find things out about. It’s there to be found out about. It’s not this thing that is constantly in flux, that you can dance with, like the future is. We may think the past is known, and the future is unknown, but in fact, plenty of the past is just as unknown as the future.

The present is even MORE interesting, though. What could be more interesting than our present situation? The present is where everything magical happens. It’s where universal guidance comes through. It’s where miracles occur. It’s where WE ARE!!!!!

Yep, I MUCH prefer looking at the present.

Does the present contain the seeds of the future? Of course. And absolutely you can discern some of what may lie in the future by looking at the past and present. That’s the way cause and effect works: the things that happen earlier do affect the things that happen later.

If you really needed to know the future, though, you’d be in it. Instead, look at what seeds you are watering and nurturing. If it’s guidance you want, that’s where it’s to be found: right here, in the present moment.

The Priest, from the Samurai Tarot
The Priest, from the Samurai Tarot


  1. I completely agree with your approach…it’s what I always aspire to do. I’m currently working on a set of Tarot cards with several other artists, and I encountered some scepticism from a Christian lady that I know. She’s usually very open to most things, but there’s been a lot of bad propaganda around tarot for some people, so her reaction was “But that is from the devil.”
    It’s hard to explain to someone who’s never tried it that Tarot isn’t always divination and doom. For many, it’s a beautiful reflexive tool that allows you to see things in yourself and others that you might have missed. That’s why I also believe that looking at the past and the present can offer more insight than trying to predict the future.


    1. Thanks for your comment! Yes, tarot does tend to scare a lot of people — but as you point out, those often tend to be the very people who have never tried it. Once you try it, it’s so obvious that this is a beautiful, loving, faith-based approach to — well, to so many things. ❤


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