After a long hiatus…back to cards for the day! Taking control.

After a long hiatus from my cards for the day posts, I’ve decided to go back to posting — but hopefully, more briefly than before. I’m hoping that if I say less, I will be able to blog more regularly. In addition, I want to note that although this is a “daily” post, it’s NOT meant to be a predictive forecast for the day. Huh? Why not? Well, because people read these posts on days other than the day on which I pulled the cards, that’s why! These are three cards meant to represent a tarot insight that can be applicable at any time.

So, for today, from Barbara Moore’s Steampunk Tarot: The Devil reversed, The Emperor, the Knight of Cups.

Steampunk Tarot, The Devil reversed, The Emperor, the Knight of Cups
From the Steampunk Tarot: the Devil reversed, The Emperor, the Knight of Cups (sorry for the blurry image!)

To me, the theme here is control — and how to handle the problem of feeling trapped in a situation that is beyond your control. The Devil reversed so often represents feeling trapped: trapped in an addiction, trapped in poor lifestyle habits, trapped in an unfulfilling job, trapped in a dysfunctional relationship — there are many ways to be trapped. You may feel that you have to make a “deal with the Devil” to get out of there — but that is not the case. You might even think that getting out of the situation will require creative thinking, looking around to find the chink in the Devil’s armor or the door out that has been overlooked. As much as I love creative, out of the box thinking, I have to say that in response to a trap, waiting for an out of the box creative bolt of lightning to strike is still a copout. The way out comes when you take off your own chains and walk out of there. The Emperor’s response to the Devil is to just take control. Stage a coup.

What has the Knight of Cups come to tell us? I find myself reading my three-card spreads lately in a Lenormandish way, matching opposite ends of the spread together. The Knight of Cups, that drama queen, advises us that the Devil’s chains are an illusion — all smoke and mirrors — pure drama created by our minds. That’s why we can set them aside and walk away. They aren’t real. She also tells us that the way out involves the heart. The Knight of Pentacles might advise us to construct a pragmatic solution, the Knight of Swords might tell us to hurry, hurry, and the Knight of Wands is still questing for that out of the box creative solution. But the Knight of Cups, though headstrong at times, is our best advisor for throwing off negative habits. Don’t feel you have to wait for the practical solution. Have faith, follow your heart, and walk away. Take control. And the chains will vanish like the misty illusions they are.

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