Cheesy Cards Can Still Be Powerful: Patience, Please!

Everything's Okay, Magical Messages from the Fairies, Doreen VirtueI don’t often post with Doreen Virtue’s deck, Magical Messages from the Fairies, because it’s just so darn cheesy. But I have to say that I have at times received some incredibly pointed, accurate, and sometimes humorous messages from this deck. One time I wanted to work with the deck, but didn’t know what to ask, so I asked, “Is everything okay?” and received in answer a card that said, “Everything’s okay.”

Debt Paid Off, Magical Messages from the Fairies, Doreen VirtueWell, last Friday, I dusted off the fairy deck and pulled one card. It read, “Debt Paid Off.” I then received word today that, as of last Friday, a debt that I owed is now paid off. I think I should give this cheesy old deck a little more attention!

That said, I decided to pull one more card from this deck today, and asked the deck what message I should write about in the blog, what message would be best to share with all of you. The response: “Patience, please: What you’re asking for is coming about. Have patience, as there are unseen factors that need to occur first.” Doreen Virtue, Magical Messages from the Fairies, Patience, Please

I don’t know if that is true for all of you, in your lives, but it is definitely true for me in my tarot business. Changes (and new offerings!) are coming, and they will roll out slowly, a little at a time, when each piece is complete and ready to be unveiled. I am excited.


  1. I have had profound readings from these cards. I just use them for my own personal readings though as I don’t think I would be taken seriously if I suggested their use for a client haha

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    1. I know. There are certain people that they appeal to, and certain people who definitely look at them and say, no. To each her own! 🙂

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