Partial Eclipse Today in Fabulous Scorpio/Mercury Rx Almost Over!!/It’s Coming Around Again

No cards today, just Carly Simon. Because, that’s why.

Are you groaning? Mercury Retrograde is coming around again? Well, of course it will. Not only is that the nature of the Wheel, but it’s the nature of Mercury, for goodness’ sake. It goes around and around. Just like us.

It’s all good. The universe knows what it’s doing. Even when it socks you, hard, with a sucker punch. There are reasons for these things. When the universe hits us hard, know that this is like what it feels like in karate class, when your teacher has you do endless push-ups and sit-ups and V-sits. This is for our own good. No, it’s not fun. But that’s sort of like, not the point. The universe wants us to have fun, yes. But it invites us to have fun in the midst of turmoil, to laugh in the face of chaos, and to make love in times of crisis. Why shouldn’t we?

Oh, yes, and there’s a partial eclipse today. No, I don’t know what that means. I gather it’s going to be intense, though. Are you feeling it yet? Instead of asking me about eclipses (dammit, Jim, I’m a tarot reader, not an astrologer!), try some more knowledgeable resources (in no particular order):

My intuitive feeling, based on almost no understanding of astrology, is that what happens today — just like Mercury Rx — is fundamentally the turning of the wheel. Scientifically that’s of course true. Our solar system is circles within circles within circles (or ellipses, or whatever…dammit, Jim, I’m not a mathematician either!). Everything is coming around again. The stuff we have to deal with is stuff we have to deal with. Maybe we put it off in the past. Maybe we haven’t processed it fully yet. Maybe we need a little review. Whatever. The universe is wise enough to bring back to us whatever needs to come back again.

In case anyone is curious…my birthday is rapidly, rapidly approaching (I refuse to tell you what day! People, please don’t ever put your exact birthday online, okay? But I’m a late October Scorpio). And I’m just saying this because…I am SO loving this intense Scorpio energy lately. Are Scorpios intense? YES. Is this time of the year intense? YES. But that’s what rocks about it — and about us, don’t you see? Surrender to the force, Luke! 🙂

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