Twelfth Night (Twelth Day of Epiphany)

Knight of Bows, Fox, Wildwood Tarot
The Knight of Bows/Fox from the Wildwood Tarot.

To me, the fox says, “freelancer,” or “entrepreneur.” This is an animal who supports her family day by day through her wits and fierceness, her determination. She is not a tame employee who complacently receives her paycheck whether she accomplishes anything that day or not. Instead, she “eats what she kills,” to use an old sales expression, and so does her family.

So drawing the Knight of Bows/Fox from the Wildwood Tarot makes me think that in 2016, economically, we’re going to see more downsizing, more people working at home, more people freelancing, more people in the private sector, more entrepreneurs, more people “eating what they kill.”

Personally I think that’s a good thing. To me, freelancing is freedom. Yes, there’s some economic insecurity that goes with it. But I think that becomes less and less so as one learns good wilderness survival skills. And I think that in a world in which more people are entrepreneurs, there will be less waste and more frugality–which I think is better, far better, for the Earth.


  1. Love this, Bonnie. And yesterday’s Tarot reading about what we are doing to nurture our inner&outer Wild. I am actually co-leading an online course this Winter about creative self-expression, and how the Wild Woman Archetype is part of our creative process. If you know of anyone who is interested, they can email me via my website for more information.

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