Reconsider: 85 Ways to Work WITH the Energy of Mercury Retrograde



Image Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington

  1. Reacquaint yourself with an old friend.
  2. Relearn a skill you had forgotten.
  3. READ.
  4. Ready yourself for the weeks and months ahead. (Plan!)
  5. Reaffirm or renew your commitments, by restating your vows.
  6. Reflect. Reanalyze. Rethink. And then: Realize something.
  7. Reappraise your house.
  8. Reply to correspondence.
  9. Reap the rewards of work you did earlier.
  10. Repost an old blog post for Throwback Thursday.
  11. Rearrange furniture. Reconfigure your home or office. Redecorate. Or, maybe, relocate. Or remodel and renovate.
  12. Reorganize your closets.
  13. REASON.
  14. Recode and reprogram.
  15. Reassure. Relieve concern.
  16. Remeasure. At this time of the year, you may not have gotten it right the first time!
  17. REBEL. Resist! But: Refrain from harsh language. Respect others.
  18. Rebound and recover from past hurts. Recoup your losses.
  19. Rebuild after a Tower moment.
  20. Rebrand your business–and maybe reopen it.
  21. Reboot your computer after, I hope, doing lots of back ups and virus scans and other maintenance tasks.
  22. Repair your car–and anything else that needs fixing.
  23. Recalculate your budget, or your retirement plan. Reevaluate.
  24. Review for a test.
  25. Research something you want to know.
  26. Relaunch a project.
  27. Refinance your mortgage, maybe (that’s a tricky one–this might not be a good time to sign the documents–but you can start the process).
  28. Reschedule an appointment.
  29. Resell old stuff.
  30. Reshuffle your tarot cards. 🙂
  31. Receive abundance. Or perhaps, be receptive to abundance that may be trying to reach you.
  32. Rest. Or go to recess. Take time for recreation. Relax!
  33. Return home.
  34. Return library books.
  35. Release that which needs to be released.
  36. Retreat (preferably, with meditation included! Respire!). Recharge your batteries. Be reclusive.
  37. Reckon. Or rather, have a reckoning.
  38. Resuscitate a drowning victim.
  39. Renegotiate the terms of a contract.
  40. Repackage several products into one (or vice versa).
  41. Reminisce and remember.
  42. Reconcile with someone you previously fell out with.
  43. Reconsider. Rectify past wrongs, or redress grievances. Redeem yourself.
  44. Repeat yourself. People didn’t understand you the first time. Rephrase.
  45. Resurvey a piece of land.
  46. Revere your ancestors.
  47. Reduce, reuse, recycle!
  48. Renounce smoking!
  49. Retain counsel.
  50. Redraft. Rewrite. Reword. Redraw. Redesign. Redevelop. Reformat. Basically: Redo. Then resubmit your work.
  51. Redirect negative energy or energy that simply needs another direction.
  52. Rediscover your passions.
  53. Republish a classic.
  54. Repay your debts.
  55. Restore an antique.
  56. Reelect an incumbent. Or hold a referendum. Repeal unjust laws!
  57. Refer someone, or write a letter of reference; make a recommendation.
  58. Refill your gas tank.
  59. Rekindle a romance.
  60. Reforest. Plant some trees. Or just do some gardening.
  61. Refurbish an apartment. Or rehab one.
  62. Refuse to do anything you don’t want to do.
  63. Register to vote.
  64. Resign from public office.
  65. Reinvent the wheel.
  66. Rehearse.
  67. Reunify a country.
  68. Report results.
  69. Repaint, or at least retouch.
  70. Reheat. Eat those leftovers! Don’t waste them.
  71. Receive reiki.
  72. Reunite with old college buddies.
  73. Retrace your steps. See if you can retrieve that thing you lost.
  74. Retransmit your fax. It probably didn’t go through the first time.
  75. Replan.
  76. Replant.
  77. Reveal all!
  78. Revel! (But be careful, if you revel too much, you might end up regurgitating.)
  79. Rehydrate.
  80. Retire.
  81. Replenish your supplies. Restock.
  82. Reverse the course of a disease. Go into remission.
  83. Revitalize a neighborhood. Even if it requires rezoning.
  84. Rewind! Be kind!
  85. Reincarnate. (The dead need stuff to do during Mercury retrograde too!)

Are you noticing some themes here? This is a good time for organizing and planning, as well as redoing stuff. It’s a good time for yin activities, like resting and recovering. And a good time for doing repairs. To me, this is a time to nourish the rest of the year, not only by resting, but by taking time to clean, organize, and prepare for whatever lies ahead.

What are YOUR plans for this Mercury retrograde?










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