A Few Words About Words (Warning: Political Content to Follow)

Words are NEVER “just words.”

Lawyers know this: Words are very often deeds. Words are the difference between marriage and divorce; words can create a legal person in the form of a corporation; words can capitalize a company or set forth contractual obligations; words also set forth obligations and expectations for everyone in the form of laws. Words summon. Words complain and respond and interrogate. Much legal evidence is made of words: documents, testimony, exhibits.

Priests, witches, shamans, ministers and clergy of all kinds, know this: Words can be sacred acts. Words are the raw material we use for prayer, for affirmations, to bless, to curse, to swear, to take vows, to invoke presence, to raise energy, even to form a sacred space. Words can also minister. Words can be the condensed energy of our intentions.

wp-1476388491199.jpgWriters and speakers know this: Words can inspire, they can depress, they can paint a picture, they can motivate an action. They can show us what we needed to see to believe. Words can mediate or they can divide. Words can create a whole new world–and inspire people to bring that world into being.

Comedians know this: Words can mock. But they can also heal us with humor, because words offer perspective. Words can radically include those who are on the margins. 

Words can comfort, soothe, and heal. But words can also intimidate. Words can attack. Words can defend. Words can shame. Words can hurt so much that in tarot they can appear as swords. And we all know the saying “the pen is mightier than the sword.” Why? Because the sword has to first slice through skin and bone to get to your heart, while the word can get there faster than a Star Trek transporter.

Activists know this: Words are a way to take back our power. That’s why peaceful protests scare politicians and elected officials. Predators, also, are familiar with words as a route to power: Predators use words to frighten and intimidate, to target, to disempower, to bully. Words can pressure.

Our statespeople, our senators, our representatives, and our President must be skillful with their words. Words are the whole cloth that we sew treaties out of. When we talk about transparency in government, when we fill out a Freedom of Information Act request, we mean that we want to SEE ALL THE WORDS. Are some of Hillary’s words lost? We want to see them! Why? Because WORDS MATTER. On a national stage, just as much as everywhere else, WORDS ARE DEEDS.

Don’t ask me to vote for a man who CANNOT HANDLE WORDS.

As well, know this: words show what is in a person’s mind. When Supreme Court justices ponder a law and think about whether or not it is constitutional, they go back and consider the words and intentions of those who wrote the laws and the constitution. They look at the words to determine the intent.

Be clear: when men use words to demean and humiliate women, their INTENTION is to demean and humiliate women. When men bluster and brag, even if they brag about things they haven’t done (and in Trump’s case we know he did these things because there are countless accounts of him doing exactly what he says he did, but suppose he hadn’t), those words indicate an ideal such that even if a man says he did something but hasn’t yet committed the actions in question, he is saying that those actions represent his personal IDEAL. Those words represent his INTENTIONS. They are what he ASPIRES TO DO. Go back and listen to every word Trump has ever said with the knowledge that these words represent his actual beliefs and intentions. And BE CHILLED.

I mean, intend, and affirm every word of this message.

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