Practical Tarot: Can a goddess use a cell phone? Answer: Yes.

Queen of Wands, Housewives Tarot
Queen of Wands, Housewives Tarot
I asked the Housewives Tarot app what it could tell me that paper cards couldn’t, and drew the Queen of Wands. Honestly, doesn’t she look like she’s saying, “What the hell can’t I tell you? What the hell is the matter with you?” And I also think she considers herself to be much faster and cleaner than paper cards.

Periodically I am asked whether it is possible to get an accurate tarot reading online or by using an app on your phone. Some people (including my husband) refuse to have a reading unless actual, physical, paper cards are used. A lot of these people won’t even accept my clairsentience as a form of divination–for them, the only true information has to come from the cards–paper cards!

Well. Believe what you like. Personally, however, I see no reason to believe that the universe, or a god, or goddess, or angel, or spirit guide, would have any particular problem with computers. In fact, it seems to me that electromagnetic energy is something the gods have a special affinity for working with. (Especially those gods who are connected with thunder and lightning!)

And I have experienced a goddess turning on my computer, which was previously off, and putting an image (of a techno-spider!) on my screen in order to get my attention, when I was minding my own business and trying to sleep!

Thus, I suspect that the gods/goddesses/spirit guides/etc. are better at using electronics than we are.

And if the universe can wreak havoc on your devices during Mercury retrograde (which is coming up again!), then I don’t see why it can’t wreak communication on your device as well.

So yes, I have tarot and Lenormand apps on my cell phone. I use them to do readings for myself and very occasionally for others. Why would I do that when I also have a library of paper card decks? Well, sometimes I don’t have a paper deck with me, first of all. And secondly, sometimes I’m lazy and don’t want to get up and go find a deck. Third, sometimes I’m on a bus or somewhere else where I don’t want to risk dropping and losing a card. And fourth, some of the decks on my phone are decks that I don’t have paper copies of but that I still like to consult.

Some readings that have come from my phone have been very profound.

Keep in mind, though, that whatever ritual you do to bring yourself into sacred space for a reading still applies when you do a reading on a phone or computer or other device. You still need to meditate, ground, invite in your helpers (angels, spirit guides, ancestors, etc.), and form your intention. Doing so will affect the results of your reading far more dramatically than the simple choice of whether to use electromagnetic energy or paper cards to do your reading.

So yes, O ye of little faith, your god or goddess CAN use a cell phone, and very well too, thank you.


  1. She is SO saying ‘what the hell CAN’T I tell you!!!’ And yes – you are right, the apps and pixels versions need to be treated the same way as we would our cards. And did you pee yourself when your computer fired itself into life?!?!
    Ali x

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    1. Lol, no, but I was very startled! Almost too tired to react dramatically. I was in a bit of a state! There were spiders around too, but I couldn’t see them, but I could tell that they were ROFLing at the thought that I found them scary. I am on a lifelong quest to be braver around spiders.


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