Are tarot readings scary? No! And here are 12 reasons why not.

unleashing the monkeys
This is NOT me giving a tarot reading.

First time clients often come in and tell me that they are very nervous, or scared, about their readings. Why? It’s your life! You already know if it’s scary or not. My cards aren’t going to change that.

Here are some things I have to say about being afraid of a tarot reading:

  1. You don’t have to have one. Tarot readings are totally optional!
  2. I am very down to earth. Your reading is not going to look like a seance (although how cool would that be!). It’s going to look more like cards on a table, talking about those cards, and thinking some things through based on what we see.
  3. I will tell you what I see, but I’ll be kind about it. I’m not here to hurt your feelings or upset you. I’m here to help you feel better. And, part of that is:

    guardian angels
    These are your angels and spirit guides wondering why you’re scared to hear from them. 
  4. If something is wrong, we can use the cards to brainstorm solutions.
  5. What we can’t find a way to fix, we still aren’t going to make worse. Does that make sense?
  6. If you are VERY nervous, we can always use a gentler deck, such as an angel or oracle deck.
  7. karma only a bitch if you are
    And you’re not. I know that. 

    That said, though, even the traditionally “scary” cards in tarot aren’t that scary. The scary cards–Death, the Devil, the Tower, for example–are some of my favorites. They LOOK scary because transformation scares people. But transformation brings change, and change is a chance to make things better, so, yay! Right? Yay?

  8. The cards with swords on them are not about real swords and violence. Swords in tarot represent words and ideas. And if you think about it, you’ll realize the most hurtful things in your life have often been the thoughts you had in your head. Even the physically traumatic events are over at some point, but your thoughts keep that pain alive. The cards are not going to change that dynamic in your brain, but they might make you aware of it, and if you are aware of it, you might be able to work with it.
  9. This is the one you might not like, but…even negative changes can be catalysts for positive change. Heartbreak can make us more compassionate with others. And that’s a good thing, because the world needs more compassionate people.
  10. I WILL make tea for you if you ask.
  11. Laughter is JUST as common as tears in my readings.
  12. Lightning has never struck a client during one of my readings.So don’t worry! This is going to be fun!

    shit just got surreal
    If worst comes to worst, a reading can get a little surreal. The same cards coming up again and again? Out of a deck of 78? Yeah. But it’s okay, we can live with surreal. 


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