Sad news and temporary closings

JP-pointing-to-Kung-Fu-picture.jpgI’m sorry, everyone, but I’m shutting my office and closing most of my scheduling for awhile. I had known this was going to be a difficult month for scheduling because of a vacation and because of working at Bastille Days, but life decided to get more complicated, and so this also became the month that I lost my beloved and adorable husband, JP, to his lifelong health problems.
Some of you may know JP–the office in which I do my readings was his office, which I shared in his off hours. Or you may know JP from his love of movies and his movie blog, JPFMovies (which is still up, if you’re curious). JP passed away very suddenly on July 16, barely more than 24 hours after I left to visit my parents for a few days. He was 48; we had been together for 11 years. And I still can’t really believe any of this is actually true.
I was used to spending most of every day with JP because we both worked at home so much of the time, especially recently when he was often not feeling well. Frankly, I’m having trouble concentrating on work and need a little time right now, and I also can’t keep the office open on my own, so I’m packing it up and closing down that location. There will be a new location, at some point, and when I know for sure where I’ll be available for readings, I will send out an announcement. If you are looking for a reading, you can text me at 414-595-8200 to see if I feel up to reading that day, and I might be able to fit you in for a phone, text, or email reading–but it’s going to have to be a same day decision, because right now every day is different. playing six degrees of kevin baon.jpg
A lot of people have asked if there’s anything they can do, and two unbelievably kind tarot friends, Theresa Reed and Connie Kick, have set up a memorial fund page to help us through this period of time, which you are welcome to contribute to if you are so inclined. If you knew JP, though, I would love to hear your stories about him. I’m finding that hearing people’s memories and stories is a great comfort right now.
Meanwhile, I will remain in business and continue doing readings, but I need an undetermined amount of time first to wind up JP’s matters, close his office, and most of all to spend some time grieving with my kids (his stepdaughters). Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.



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