Changes: Where You Can Find Me

Not okay but up and working.

Hi everyone,

While I cannot claim to have recovered from the death of my husband, I am at least back to work doing readings (and writing and editing too, if you’re someone who follows that side of my work). Instead of drifting about aimlessly, I’ve put down an anchor.

New location….drum roll….

I have closed the old office; you won’t be able to book a reading with me at the Clocktower. Instead, I’m now working at a coworking space in Shorewood: Malamadoe, at 4465 North Oakland, just south of Colectivo Coffee and on the other side of the street. I’m, in fact, working in the “Never Give Up” room (the rooms here all have adorable names).

Malamadoe is a coworking space, so I won’t be meeting you in the regular work spaces, out of respect for other women’s needs for quiet. Instead, when you book an appointment to see me in person, I reserve a conference room. You don’t have to worry about finding the right room; when you arrive, I’ll come out and walk you in. The space is beautiful; it’s wonderful to be able to read in a room with a window looking out on a lovely tree-lined street.

This is actually a space I had had my eye on before JP died; I absolutely think he approves.

JP smiling on a plane
What happiness looks like.

Spirit Faire at Free Spirit Crystals: Sunday, Sept. 29!

However, if you’d like, you can also come out and see me at the Spirit Faire at Free Spirit Crystals this coming Sunday, September 29, between 11 and 4. I’ve never read at the Spirit Faire before, but I have been a huge fan of Free Spirit Crystals for years: that is where the crystals come from that you may see me setting out on my table from time to time; it’s where I developed my rose quartz addiction.

Rose quartz rocks! (Had to throw that pun in, just in case my kids are reading this.) If you don’t have time for the fair on Sunday, please go and stop by some other time and bask in the wonderfulness of this place. Free Spirit is at 4763 N. 124th Street, Butler, WI 53007. Here’s a map:


Coming soon to this space: Notes on grieving

And, finally: I have been thinking, tentatively, about sharing some of the things I’ve found helpful in my healing process as I’m grieving. As I’ve said to several people, this is the oldest problem in the world. People die. We all do. We love to delude ourselves into thinking that we live forever, but the fact is that we don’t and we won’t. Our ancestors have grieved. All of them. So I think that perhaps some notes on grieving would be worth sharing with the community as others face similar situations and find themselves needing support. Over the next few months, expect to see some notes on grieving pop up in this space; I’ll tag them as #notesongrief so that if someone is reading this later and wants to find them all at once, you’ll be able to search for them that way.

The tarot/energy/magical community

Last but far from least, I’d like to say that the community around me is absolutely amazing. I dropped out of sight but they didn’t. People have been rallying around, raising money to keep me afloat during this time, offering support in the form of readings and energy medicine. I am completely floored by everything everyone has done and continues to do. Every so often I hear a little gossip about drama in this community–well, as JP might say, pish posh. (Yeah, sometimes he said that.) So people don’t always get along. Big deal. When there’s a crisis, people just sort of –whoosh, appear and start asking what they can do. You guys rock. You are the rose quartz of communities.

Pretty sure everyone needs a cat picture about now. 



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