Cards for the day, 9/25/2020

The Chariot and the Knight of Pentacles, from the Crow Tarot

I’m going back to cards for the day. Feedback is welcome!

Today’s cards are the Chariot and the Knight of Pentacles, from the Crow Tarot: You think you’re sitting still. But you’re in a rapidly moving vehicle. Think harder.

Why am I interpreting these cards this way, at this time? Well, you can always benefit from thinking harder. (Oh, that’s a copout, madam overthinking tarot reader!) Okay: the Knight of Pentacles is the only knight who stops to survey the surroundings and assess what to do. And it’s adorable. And a very practical, useful way to approach things. And sometimes, if you’re in a moving vehicle, you can apply this approach by putting on the brakes. Slow the car down. Stop. Park. Think.

If that’s what you need to do in your personal life, you know who you are.

However, I wasn’t thinking of anyone’s personal life when I interpreted these cards. I was thinking of the whole world. We are in a rapidly moving vehicle–several of them, if you think about it. We’re on the Earth, which is moving rapidly through space, though you wouldn’t notice that from just living on it. That’s why the seasons come even when we think we haven’t done anything to bring them about–we haven’t. It’s the nature of being in a moving vehicle that one’s environment changes.

But we’re also in the moving vehicle called history and it’s moving particularly fast right now. And we don’t have the option to put on the brakes. It’s kind of like we’re all on the bus in the movie Speed. Only it’s not–forget that metaphor, although admittedly Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are here with us, because we’re all here, in or on this vehicle at this time. And like Reeves’ character in Speed, we do have to remain calm in the midst of chaos, and THINK. Think and think harder.

Yes, I’m an overthinker and love to give that advice, but sometimes it’s actually relevant! Most of the time, it is. There’s no such thing as overthinking, except for when you’re in a rapidly hurtling vehicle, and even then, it’s not the overthinking that is the problem, but the taking too long to do it. Maybe I should have said, think faster.

Because, for example, you don’t have time to bicker with the other passengers.

Even if they are incorrect and immoral in their views and hold evil in their hearts (which you don’t know is the case, by the way, you’re not omniscient and you don’t know what is in their hearts).

Yeah, you don’t have time to punch the other passengers, either, nor do you have time to ostentatiously tell people how hard you would punch them if only you were in range.

Nor do you have time to sit with the passengers you like and point fingers at the others and say things like, “yeah, that guy over there, he doesn’t even want to know the truth. What a jerk!”

One difference between what’s happening now and the movie Speed is that this vehicle is not rigged to explode. Nope, if there’s an explosion, it will be the fault of the passengers who can’t stop getting pissed off at each other.

What would I suggest you think about?

Well, you could start with the fact that the people fighting for control of the steering wheel are NO better qualified to drive than the people who got sent to the back of the bus. You could ask yourself, why are people standing up in the back while there are empty seats all over the place?

Also, I don’t mean to accuse you of being oblivious, but, some parts of this bus are on fire, y’all. And other parts are flooding. And yet all the business people I know are acting like, “How can I pivot my business to this new economic climate?” Or, “the kids are falling behind in school!”

This new economic climate???? Falling behind in school????

Put out the fires, bail out the water, let everyone sit down, how about if we start right there????

I’m not saying that will help your business, but I simply note that your business is on this bus too. And so are the kids.

And speaking of the kids??? The kids are smarter than we are!!! Let THEM teach the classes, YOU go back to school, YOU are the one falling behind. YOU are behind if you think all we need to do is pivot. YOU are behind if you think all we need to do is win this election (the election IS important, and PLEASE vote, but it is not some kind of cure-all for a broken civilization and you’re going to be very disappointed if you think that it is). YOU are behind if you think we would all be fine if it weren’t for this pandemic.

Well, if you’re so smart, Bonnie, what’s your solution? WHO SAID I WAS SMART?!

All I’m saying is, there are plenty of things that need fixing, just please stop trying to pivot and instead, go find something broken and fix it, even a little bit. Wash your windows if you have to, but find something REAL and go do it.

P.S. Yes, my sun is in Scorpio and Mars retrograde in Aries is just pouring gasoline on my already way too flammable temper. But I’m still right about this.

The Chariot and the Knight of Pentacles from the Crow Tarot.
You think you’re sitting still. But: you’re in a rapidly moving vehicle. Think harder.



  1. This is terrific!!! I have really missed you. Rapidly moving is an understatement….this really helped me today, too because it showed me another level of looking at the cards…..the actual PICTURE, sorta.
    thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Took me a second to even remember how to reply to comments, it’s been so long! I’m glad this was helpful. I wasn’t planning to rant for as long as I did…


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