Cards for the day 9/26/2020: why are you online?

A short reading today but good advice, I think. Go offline and be quiet for a day. Just STFU. Be quiet. Enough words for now. It’s mostly bluster and bullshit anyway. (That’s not always true, but there is an exceptional amount of it at the moment.) Don’t waste your time on it. Don’t offer a single minute of your life as a sacrifice to those who do not have your best interests at heart and are puffing up like skittish cats. And don’t you puff up like a skittish cat either. Just stop. For one day? Is that possible?

As an aside, I’m not for a single second saying we have no reason to panic. Nor am I saying we do. I’m just saying that torturing ourselves and each other with panicky agitated words does not help. Focus on what you can DO and on who can hear you even when you don’t say anything.

Otherwise we’re just fanning flames. One way to put out a fire is to deprive it of oxygen.

And besides, people who want to enrage you or upset you often have their own agenda for your attention. Their motivations are not always altruistic. (And then again often they are, it depends.)

How can you figure out what’s really going on? Here’s a way to start: Just. Stop. Adding. Noise.



Pay attention.

What do you notice? Be quiet enough to notice your own perceptions. Be all ears.

I started this post by commenting about people puffing up like skittish cats. But cats aren’t always skittish. When quiet, when listening, when watching with laser-like focus, that’s when they are resting in their power. That’s when they are ready to pounce.

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