Tarot Blog Hop: Happy Spring Solstice!


My first time wrangling the blog hop! So you can blame me if it seems weird that the topic is about Easter eggs even though Easter is a month away.

The topic

What if you, an adult, were hunting for “Easter eggs,” in real life? What eggs would you like to find? What eggs are out there waiting for you that you haven’t even thought to look for? As you unpack this metaphor, consider as well the “Easter eggs” that developers put into computer code. And/or, consider: What eggs are you called to develop and place for others to find? Answer via a tarot spread, of course, or in some other cartomancy-related way. Be creative! Get messy!

…It IS fun to hide things and look for them. It’s a variation on hide and seek, which itself is perhaps a variation on peek-a-boo. And it also invites us to notice changes in our environment–if some tiny detail in your world changed, if an egg appeared on your windowsill, how long would it take you to notice? If you were to find an unexpected surprise somewhere, what would you like it to be? If you were to find an unexpected surprise, for the collective, what would you like it to be? What unexpected surprises would you like to offer to the collective? (I don’t know if people still do this, but there was a movement at one time of people leaving books in public places for others to randomly find.) You may think of other variations on this theme, too, of course. For example, what stories contain “Easter eggs” that we often don’t think about but that are, in fact, just sitting there for us to notice?

The spread

So, it’s going to be obvious that I’ve never used Canva before, but I don’t care, because you have to hunt for your eggs, I didn’t make the rules.

You can just look for the eggs, and ask about them, or you can combine any or all of the leaves with any or all of your eggs. The eggs (I’m having trouble finding where to put alt text today so am putting it here) are: What sweet surprise do you most need to find right now? What surprise are you called to leave for a random egg hunter? What surprise is sitting right in front of you that you haven’t even noticed yet? What egg have you dropped or are at risk to drop? And the leaves are: Where? When? How? Why? But remember that these can go in any order, not necessarily the order in which I’ve listed them here. Happy hunting!

The egg you should draw a card for first, in my spread above, is the one you feel drawn to first. Then, if you still have energy and patience for this project, combine the questions on the leaves with your eggs to glean a little more detail from each card–or draw a card for those questions, if you prefer.

But you know, you could just draw ONE card and answer all the questions above using just that card. There’s a tarot exercise for you (see, an Easter egg right in the Easter egg post! This wasn’t supposed to be a tarot lesson!).

And since it’s late at night, I’m writing at the last minute, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Drawing from the Spectrowhirl Tarot, I asked for one card that would answer all these questions, and drew: The Hermit. Oh, well played, Spectrowhirl. This deck is just flirting with me now. It must want me to knit a bag for it.

The Hermit, from the Spectrowhirl Tarot. This was a gift from my daughter that I haven’t had time to play with very much, but it’s super colorful and fun. Since people always ask where to find decks, here’s a link for this one: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Spectrowhirl

What egg have I dropped? Well, the lantern, clearly. That’s not necessarily bad. Everyone needs sleep eventually, Spectrowhirl! I do need light to knit by, though. Not only that, but literally speaking, I ran out of beeswax to make candles, and, when I bought some candles to be going on with until I can get more beeswax, I found that I’m also out of matches. Talk about dropping the egg. On top of that I’ve dropped the ball on meditation, lately, which you’d think the Hermit of all people (which I totally am right now) would remember to do. It’s just that this Hermit has been very busy (and what kind of a Hermit is that?!). Rereading this paragraph, this sounds like I forgot to pay the electric bill, but that’s not the case.

What surprise is sitting right in front of me? Well, you never know what you’ll find in the Hermit’s cave. If you’ve dropped your lantern, though, and you’re in a cave, you may need to sit there in the dark for a little while, at least until the sun comes up. That’s an Easter egg for you, as I would define it: The thing you didn’t expect and maybe didn’t even want that turns out to be surprisingly good. Remember this next time the power–or the Internet–goes out! (Unrelated, but I have a theory that we may be heading for some Internet outages, and yesterday’s Google Maps outage makes me even more certain of it.)

What eggs am I called to leave for others to find? Looking at this card, I have to say (and I knew this already), not only light from the lantern, when I manage to light it again, but also the lines between the dots. It’s frustrating, though, because most of the time if I point out to people, you see, the line goes from point A to point B, see that? See that? SEE THAT? Their response is, what? Oh, sorry, we were looking at cat photos, or whatever people do instead of LISTENING to what I tell them (in fairness, if it’s on social media, those algorithms hide most of what I say unless I post photos of flowers or cats, and those get shown to everyone–social media’s way of telling you not to ever ever actually think about anything).

What sweet surprise do I need to find right now? Well, peace and quiet, clearly! And I must have found it if the lantern has gotten dropped (or maybe not, you’d think that would have made a bit of a clatter).

And what do I need to sit on, until it hatches? The lantern, I think. Or in a way, in this case, the eggs themselves, the metaphorical beams of light that I’m interpreting as insight and voice. People don’t necessarily need to know what I think, right this second, they can wait until the time is right.

So stop reading right now, for goodness’ sake, and keep hopping! 🙂 But, don’t forget to leave a comment first, especially if you tried the spread!



  1. How can you need a lantern when that deck shines so brightly? I of course found it on Etsy before I even got to your link, but thanks for thinking of us anyway! Meanwhile, I imagine you hunched over a laptop, typing a blog post in the middle of the night in the complete dark. What a metaphor for finding your inner light! Also, I think the idea of two sets of spread positions (eggs and leaves) that you combine to create a reading — BRILLIANT enough to light the world! I will definitely try and see what it lights up in me.


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