Card for the Day: Three of Cups: Your Community Waits to Embrace You — Even if You Are a Hermit

This doesn’t really feel like a day for celebration to me. I don’t feel like the Three of Cups at all — I feel more like the Hermit! Yet the Three of Cups insisted on being drawn. And here is my conclusion: even if you feel like a Hermit like me today (and if you are a writer like me, working at home, the odds are better than good that you do!), this card is a message that a loving support network of friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues is out there eager to interact with you once you get around to coming out of your cave.

If you are already an extrovert and you LIVE outside your cave, then this card probably reaffirms your whole outlook on life–it’s a good day to be social, especially if you have the day off for President’s Day. And if  you don’t, you’ll find that this is a good day to work together with others on a team–ideas flow synergistically and stuff gets done, even if you are working in a committee.

For some of you, this is a day of celebration because you’ve made an important decision in your life and you’re happy about it.

This card also speaks to me about abundance. With the tiny pumpkin in the lower right hand corner, and the other plants burgeoning with produce behind the dancers, this looks like a fall card, one that should show up around Halloween or Thanksgiving. What harvest are you bringing in today? Whatever it is, this harvest has an emotional aspect to it. You’ve been waiting for this a long time.

And there’s one more aspect to this card that I can’t help pointing out–three women, celebrating, lifting their cups in what looks like a toast. I’d like to think this card is a positive sign of women stepping up to the plate to try to change the world — and then, having done so, taking time to celebrate. If that happens, then I believe we will start to see real change.

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