Card for the Day: Four of Swords: Be Still and Regroup Through Meditation and/or Prayer

Sunday (or some other day of the week) should be a day of rest, whenever you can swing it, though sometimes our busy lives convince us otherwise. The Four of Swords encourages us to take time for rest and recuperation today. Recent events have worn us out emotionally and we need the rest. One issue, in particular (see the one sword that the figure in the card is ling on top of?) is on our minds.

A note about the imagery in this picture: when we see a person lying down in church, we may be inclined to think that person is dead and that we are at a funeral. Not so in this case. Though it is interesting that the person here (male or female? does it matter?) is drawn and colored almost like a statue on a gravestone monument. Still, I regard this person as still very much alive, but taking some time for quiet meditation, withdrawing from the world. See the position of his/her fingers? This is a moment for consideration of the future, planning, and being still to consider all possibilities. Further, this figure, by lying down for quiet meditation (and/or prayer), reminds us that we can meditate and pray lying down, and it’s well worth doing so, not because we are lazy but because this position (corpse pose in yoga) allows us to fall into deep relaxation, so that we can release the tensions of the past few hours, days, or weeks, and focus on meditation and stillness. If we fall asleep, that too may be beneficial. Pay attention to what you dream if today’s stillness makes you drowsy enough to fall into a REM state.

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