Cards for the Day: Reversed Sun/Reversed Nine of Swords: Stop Worrying and Go Outside Now

Yesterday I drew the Nine of Swords upright (but didn’t share it with all of you–sorry!). And The Sun has been turning up a lot lately too. Everything is fine and as it should be (The Sun). But we are not experiencing the Sun’s warmth to the extent that we should right now (The Sun, reversed). Why? Nothing can totally block the Sun’s rays, but clouds can get in the way and can certainly have a cooling effect. Right now clouds of doubt, fear and anxiety (Nine of Swords Reversed) are blocking our experience of the Sun’s warmth and producing an experience of depression and possibly, procrastination, even about issues in which time is of the essence.

But it truly isn’t necessary for us to be depressed right now, even if finances are tight and the recession is impacting us more severely than we would like. The way out of this depression is to face our fears and anxieties head on. Don’t put your hands over your face like the person on the Nine of Swords card. Stand up, head held high, and face the day. Take strong action with regard to the source of your fears and anxieties. This is simple common sense but it is something that we often don’t do, because negative emotions can be so paralyzing that instead of taking action, we often lose our confidence, become indecisive, and start to dither around not getting anything done. So try to be of good heart and at least fake some confidence if you have to. The Sun will come out again — it was never really gone in the first place.

And while you are at it, go out and enjoy this beautiful day, even if there are literal clouds obscuring the sun wherever you are. Even if there is a rainstorm in progress, go out and let wind and rain blow through the negative emotions in your aura and clear your mind. One reason The Sun’s warmth and positive energy is blocked right now is because we refuse to go OUT in it! Get thee outside, at least for a little while.

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