Cards for the Day: King of Pentacles/R’d 2 of Swords: Make Your Choice in Order to Manifest Abundance

Have you read Tamora Pierce’s Circle of Magic series? It looks to me as though Briar has just come to visit us — to me, the King of Pentacles can only be Briar. Perhaps the plants he is covered with are meant to be decorations on his robe, but to me it looks as though he has literal physical plants growing all over him. But he’s not doing anything — just sitting there waiting. Full of the potential to grow a thriving, beautiful garden with a bountiful harvest.

What is King Briar waiting for? He’s waiting for us to make a choice (Two of Swords) but we are hesitating (reversed Two of Swords). There are some choices that can’t be unmade once you have made them — and these choices carry consequences for the rest of our lives. This kind of choice can make us feel very emotional (see all the water behind the woman on this card?). So we hesitate. But don’t hesitate too long. We are at a crossroads, and it is time. Any further hesitation will delay us on our path in life.

If you have a choice to make, trust yourself. You have the ability to make good choices. And you have the ability to make bad choices work out for the best. Either option will work, in the end. If you are in doubt, take your cue from the Two of Swords, and try a vigil. Sit up at night and meditate, holding the two possibilities in your mind. Still your emotional waters. When the sun comes up, the King of Pentacles will be waiting.


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