Cards for the Day: R’d Page of Cups/R’d Knight of Wands: Overwhelmed by Sudden Intuition? Ground.

What’s wrong with the Page of Cups? He (or she) was hoping for a drink, but there’s a talking fish in the cup. Yesterday’s emotional flood has continued, and it is really starting to get to us. And the truth is, it’s more than just an emotional flood — for some people, it’s a psychic flood, with intuition pouring in. Frankly, it’s rather startling — enough to turn anyone upside-down!

What does this kind of thing, whether it’s emotions or intuition affecting you, do to your confidence and ability to charge forward (Knight of Wands)? Well, for one thing, it is likely to cause not only disruption of your Knights, but of your nights — confusing dreams may result, or sleep disorders. When nights are disrupted, so are days. Work deadlines get harder to meet, and keeping up with personal commitments is equally difficult.

In an emotional or intuitive roller coaster ride, it doesn’t help to react by trying to seize control. You’re upside down, for goodness’ sake. Before you can try to get control of the situation, you’ve got to get your feet on the ground. Try the best grounding strategies that you know: breathing, meditation, fresh air/spending time in nature, mind/body/spirit types of exercise, aromatherapy (oils that come from trees tend to be very grounding). You won’t feel that you have time for this. But if you don’t take time to ground, you will end up continuing to spin your wheels as you tumble head over heels in space. First step: feet on the ground. After than you can think about moving forward.

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