Cards for the Day: R’d Knave and 4 of Swords: Prepare for the Unexpected by Learning Something New

Knave of Swords reversed--Samurai Tarot

Knave of Swords reversed--Samurai TarotFour of Swords reversed--Samurai TarotIn the Samurai Tarot, the Knave of Swords is depicted as Oboshi Yuranosake, the head of the 47 ronins. If you don’t know the story of the 47 ronins, you may want to look it up–later, when I have one, I’ll post a link to a review of the movie by that name (according to my sources, the review in question isn’t quite up yet as I’m posting this). The story is too complicated to go into right now, but Oboshi Yuranosake is synonymous with loyalty, devotion, vigilance, and top-secret preparations and planning. Along with him (reversed), we have the reversed Four of  Swords, which in the Samurai Tarot has to do not so much with solitude and reflection on a single issue (as in the Rider-Waite) but rather with teaching/being taught.

These are tricky cards to interpret, especially reversed. After long reflection, I see the message here as this: something is coming, and we should be ready. How should we prepare? By educating ourselves. At the same time, with these cards being reversed, the energy seems blocked. Perhaps we should be preparing–but we haven’t been. I think we may be in for a roller coaster ride–with regard to our weather, the economy, and maybe even politics. I think this message has to do with learning to be more self-sufficient and independent — and there are many teachers we can turn to for help with this. It’s not going to be prudent to remain in denial forever.

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