Working with the Negative Energy of a Funky Day

I don’t have time to pull and interpret cards today (too overwhelmed with work from my day job), but, do you really need cards to tell you what today’s energy is like? Personally I woke up in a funk and I’ve run into several people today who fit that description as well. I think today’s energy is making us funky, irritable, cranky, and anxious, and I think it’s doing so by pulling up old past memories, traumas, and fears.

But we can work with this energy:

1. Recognize it. Wave to it. “Hello, negative energy! How are you? We’ve met before, haven’t we?” etc.

2. Refill your bucket. By that I mean, take time to do what feeds you and nourishes your spirit, even if you are overwhelmed too and don’t really have time. On days like this, if you go around with a bucket that’s being drained dry by a blue funk, it’s only going to slow you down. Somehow take a break and make time to fill your bucket.

3. Work with the funk. Let it flow. Those old fears and anxieties don’t really need to stay in you…see if you can get them to flow on out. Journal them, or consciously release them by clearing your space (candles,  incense, opening a window), clearing your body (exercise, shower, essential oils), and clearing your mind (meditation, prayer, mindfulness).

4. Be honest about it. Tell the people around you that you’re having one of those days.


    1. Thanks! Actually the bucket concept comes from a children’s book that was read to my daughter in her second grade class a couple of years ago — unfortunately, I remember the concept but not the name of the book! Actually, I’m not sure if I ever saw the book or just heard about it…but if anyone knows what book it is, please post a comment… 🙂


  1. I like your steps. Acknowledge it. Chill. Let it go, and be honest about it. I do this too. That is, once I realize it’s there and stop feeding it!

    Here’s to a weekend where the funk, if it is there, is musical!


    1. I could do with some musical funk right now, as a matter of fact! 🙂 Glad you liked the post…


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