Cards for the Day: 8 of Cups/4 of Pentacles: Holding Pattern, Wait and Reflect, Meditate

Eight of Cups--Rider-Waite

So today feels like a yin day. It may seem as though nothing is happening, but energy is moving under the surface. Foundations are being laid (or possibly undermined for a later crash!). Today, though, will feel like a holding pattern. Wait. Reflect. Solitude. Take time to meditate. Get a fresh perspective on the situation thereby. No need to rush. A day for mental activity — not for life-changing decisions. Eight of Cups--Rider-WaiteFour of Pentacles--Rider-Waite

If you NEED something to move, though, and you NEED action — consider what it would take to make that happen. How do you get still water to flow? How do you get blocked energy to move? While you are meditating, meditate on that. The answer might be counterintuitive.

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