Cards for the Day: r’d 5 of Swords/Ace of Cups: Hesitation and Guilt Foil Action–For Now

Five of Swords reversed--Rider-Waite

Five of Swords reversed--Rider-WaiteAce of Cups--Rider-WaiteThere are things we need to do today, and we should be attending to those things. Yet, we hesitate. Is this the right decision? Is this a battle we want to fight? And if so, how do we want to fight it? We aren’t even quite sure how to hold the sword this time around.  Meanwhile our opponents are walking away–for now. (reversed Five of Swords)

Why the hesitation? We just have a feeling about this (Ace of Cups). Emotion is higher than reason today, though reason tells us that this battle is one we have to deal with, one way or another, today or soon.


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