Potential Drama Alert

The Fool--Reversed!Normally I love The Fool. To me this card represents faith, and the willingness to walk one’s own path, setting out with trust into a total unknown. But today, The Fool has turned up reversed, tying together the Ten of Swords and the reversed Three of Cups. So here’s what I see: relationships turned upside down (Three of Cups reversed) because somebody did something foolish, something that he/she should have known better than to do, something that is reacted to with deep hurt and melodrama (Ten of Swords).

Three of Cups reversed

Ten of Swords

A drama day (potentially). Don’t get sucked into it.


  1. These last couple of readings you’ve posted have been really helpful and timely. It’s nice to see your readings pop up in my email notifications. They were helpful while I was on a big trip this past three weeks. Thanks for doing what you do Bonnie.


    1. Thanks for the reblog — and for extending my understanding of Mercury/The Fool, as I didn’t know that! With Mercury almost retrograde right now, that gives a whole other dimension to these cards! 🙂


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