Supermoon Illumination

I don’t know if we will get to see the Supermoon here in Milwaukee. But whether you can see tonight’s full moon, or not, it’s still out there…at its closest point to Earth (its perigee, 356,991 kilometers, orย 22,1824 miles away) until August of 2014. If you CAN see the moon, tonight it will look 30 percent brighter and 13 percent bigger than usual (according to some estimates, others seem to have these percentages a bit lower).

I, for some reason, am wild with excitement over the supermoon (or, as some would have it, the monster moon). So, a special spread is in order…with cards from the Universal Wisdom deck by Toni Carmine Salerno.

Intention from Toni Carmine Salerno's Universal Wisdom deck1. What will this moon illuminate in our lives? Intention. We have tremendous power to create what we want to in our lives. Not unlimited power, but still far greater power than we think we have. We CAN set our intentions, formulate our goals, make plans, and work to achieve them. It’s not just the power of what we do, but the power of what we think about it that energizes our plans so dramatically and brings them into manifestation.

Dreaming of You -- Universal Wisdom2. What possibly hidden factor will affect us whether we actually notice it consciously or not? Dreaming of You. We may be focused on work and trying to improve our finances, but we still long for our families and friends and for the human connection that we crave. Even if we only have time for them in our dreams. (Hint: make some time for them in your waking hours, too.)

Lotus Rose -- Universal Wisdom3. What is the theme of this Supermoon? Lotus Rose. Oooooh….this card even has what look like supermoons in the background. This is a time of regaining our faith, raising our vibrations, and bringing about extremely positive and deep transformations in our lives. It’s a time when we can become enlightened (lotus), and when we can step into a genuine faith that yes, miracles can, and will, happen. Remember, faith is the fuel for miracles.


  1. We did get to see the supermoon here in Milwaukee — it looks VERY bright. Thinking of trying to see it again close to sunrise when it will look big again near the horizon. We’ll see…


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