Don’t Forget to Use Your Head/A Reminder of the Importance of Trees

High Priestess of Air -- House of Night cardsReminder -- House of Night cards

I spend so much time talking about listening to your intuition, listening to your heart. But it’s wise to remember to also listen to your head. From Colette Baron-Reid’s House of Night cards, today, the High Priestess of Air and the Reminder card advise that we have brains for a reason — so we can use them. Don’t let that supermoon talk you out of your wits! 🙂

Notice, as well, how the colors in these two cards blend into each other. These colors seem like warm air, sunshine, and earth — all coming together in nature. The Reminder card looks like it is written on the bark of a tree trunk. What brings sky and sunshine and earth together more than anything else? And produces air? Trees. Trees have so much wisdom to share with us. They show us how to ground and grow simultaneously. And they show us how to be a channel for universal energy (such as reiki energy), drawing energy from the ground and the air, and exhaling it as lifegiving oxygen. But in addition, we need to be sensible and remember how much we need trees, and all of nature. Nature is not just for the outdoorsy among us. It’s not just for the hiking and camping fanatics. Nature is a requirement for anyone who wishes to survive on this planet — we should use our brains, and remember that.

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