Is There Really a Line Between Dreams and Reality?

Since encountering my beloved
              While I dozed,
                I have begun to feel
              That it is dreams, not reality,
              On which I can rely.
--Ono No Komachi

Queen of Chalices, Ono no Komachi, reversedWhat a dreamy day. I had trouble waking up enough this morning to even write this post. And then pulled Ono no Komachi (the Queen of Cups) reversed, along with a card that the Samurai Tarot identifies as “Dreams,” the Six of Cups. “The small hare contends with the moon at night,” the Samurai Tarot tells us about this card. Six of Chalices -- Samurai Tarot

That sounds like my neighborhood, which is teeming with rabbits, though I don’t think anyone here saw the moon last night.

When dreams and intuition come in like a tidal wave, they can even knock the Queen of Cups off her feet. It’s hard to focus on work today. Communication is an issue too — do you see how the bright moon on the Six of Cups card takes away attention from everything around it? And the Queen of Cups looks very, very distracted.

Yes, it’s very hard to wake up today. If you are having a hard time with focus today, try grounding in whatever way works best for you: meditation, a walk outside in nature, lying on the floor. But at the same time, pay attention to what these dreams are telling you.


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