Here We Go Again: Mercury Rx and a Bumpy Ride. So: Meditate!

Ace of Chalices reversed -- Samurai TarotThis might be a rough day, and the beginning of a rough time generally (well, actually it may have begun a week or two ago) for some of us, emotionally. First, Mercury goes retrograde today (boo!). This is the beginning of an emotional look back at stuff that we’d like to let go of, but that seems to keep grabbing onto us (Ace of Cups, reversed, from the Samurai Tarot, pictured here). And it may make for a bumpy ride.

But there is a solution, and it’s what I always suggest (sorry to be boring, but…): meditation. Three of Swords--Samurai TarotSee the samurai meditating under the waterfall on the Three of Swords card? Despite worry, he has taken off his armor, set aside his swords, in order to meditate. The Samurai Tarot’s book advises:

“Security: no weapon. My armor is will. My sword is understanding. My project is opportunity.”

Some of you may be thinking, “but the Three of Swords traditionally represents heartbreak! How is that a solution?” My answer is this. There is a reason why this samurai has put aside his weapons. He’s not having the world’s greatest day either. Three swords that are of no use right now, whether it’s because they are piercing your heart or because they must be placed to one side. Because you’re not where you want to be doing what you want to be doing. Feelings of urgency and drama related to these issues may surround you. But the samurai knows that to go out into the world and deal with these issues with a warrior spirit, one must first calm one’s mind, still the stormy ocean of one’s emotions, and let go of the past. One cannot make war on the present moment and address the issues that so worry us without first finding some degree of inner peace.

Maybe you feel that this advice sucks and you’d rather focus on drama and revenge. But drama won’t ultimately satisfy you. Revenge won’t satisfy you. Only inner peace will satisfy you. All of us have it in us to be as strong as this samurai.

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