Cards for the Day: 9/28/2020. Weave your web carefully. It’s stickier than you think.

I’m not picking the cards on purpose to make them look spooky, I promise, but these definitely do! A spiderweb named after a Greek god of death, a bear, and a snake.

Looking at these cards, I can’t help but think about the news story my dad sent me about the brown bear that recently tunneled into the Alaska zoo and attacked and killed a popular alpaca. It’s just that the snake looks a lot like a tunnel, I guess.

That bear did get stuck in its own web, by the way–the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and Alaska Wildlife Troopers (I’ve never heard of wildlife troopers, and I’m from Alaska, but that’s what the ADN says) staked out the dumpsters at the zoo, and caught and killed it. They were sad to do so. (Alaskans love bears.)

And it wasn’t even a dishonest bear, it just honestly had a craving for alpaca, I guess. Can a bear even be dishonest? I don’t know.

Yes, I’m rambling again.

It’s because I don’t really want to talk about what I see in these cards, which is lies, betrayal, deception, and death.

You are weaving a web, okay? You’re weaving a web of life out of your words and deeds. Like it or not. You’re also stuck in it, like it or not. The lies stick to you. The truth sticks to you. Words are just sticky. So are deeds. Life is sticky and death is as inescapable as a spider’s web–well, more so.

The stickiness of the things you say and do–I don’t see that as within your control. I mean to a degree, it may be. But they’re pretty darn sticky.

The inevitability of death–also not within your control.

However, what you choose to weave, that you have some input on. Think of the thread you’re weaving with as a silk spun out of your own free will.

Yeah, yeah, from a human perspective, I realize that my extended metaphor is leading up to you spinning free will out of your butt. Think of it as a spinneret. A spider doesn’t have a butt.

The point is, what comes out of your free will affects you intimately. Choose wisely. Weave carefully. You never know what you might catch.


  1. Wildlife troopers are troopers who focus on fish & game, but they’re full fledged troopers in other respects. You can tell them apart from regular troopers because they wear khaki shirts instead of blue shirts.

    Wasn’t Mr. Henslee a wildlife trooper? Maybe you had left McGrath before he arrived. I know he was the local fish & game guy, but he could also give speeding tickets.

    Or, theoretically speaking, he could give warnings to parents who let their kids have a snowmachine but do non-standard driving techniques like hitting the brakes to do 360s in the road in front of the ambulance on the way to Lloyd’s house. Not that that would ever happen, but in theory a wildlife trooper could issue warnings if it did.

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    1. Lol. What I remember is that it was said that if one were lost in the wilderness, one should just shoot a moose out of season and his plane would appear on the horizon. šŸ™‚


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